Now Its Time to make your choice from our fantastic Fudge Pic N Mix range that Krazy Kandi have to offer. To ensure you receive the most of your chosen selection’s we pick each fudge by the 100 gram. You can pick the same sweet as many times as you like until you have hit your chosen package size. Or if you simply want us to pick for you hit into our Pic 'N' Mix range (picked for you), pick your size and we will do the rest. Or if you have that sweet tooth for any one fudge jump straight into our individual range and pick your chosen size!!!! Now its time to pick and ENJOY your order.

Fudge Pic 'N' Mix (Picked By You)

Now Its Time to make your choice from Over lots of different types of Fudge that Krazy Kandi have to..


Fudge Pic 'N' Mix (Picked For You)

All the Best of Fudge crammed into your chosen bag, box or Tub. Here at Krazy Kandi, We appreciate s..


Individual Fudge Selection

Here at Krazy Kandi we totally understand that you may be craving for that one Flavour of Fudge in p..


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