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Below we have included some of our latest, best selling and featured candy from across the world!

Pic N Mix (Picked By You)

Now it's time to make your choice from Over 100 types of Pic N Mix that Krazy Kandi has to offer. To ensure you receive the most of your chosen selection’s we pick each sweet by the 100 gram. You can pick the same sweet as many times as you like until you have hit your chosen package size. For instance, if your chosen preference is a 300gram snacking pouch you can choose 3 items or if your chosen Preference is a 1kg Mega sharing pouch then you can choose 10 selections etc. Now it's time to go Krazy and pick your order. Nutritional Information If you see the abbreviation under the item is will mean it is: VT - VegetarianVG - VeganH - HalalGF - Gluten FreeDF - Dairy FreeGLF - Gelatine Free Disclaimer All items Nutritional information is correct at the time of purchase you are always recommended to check the products' ingredients to confirm. if unsure contact us for more information...


Crazy Candy Factory Mini Gummy

Sweets shaped like food are always a popular choice! These Crazy Candy Factory Mini Gummy products are delicious gummy sweets in the shape of Hot Food, each individually wrapped You can choose from the followingMini Gummy HotdogsMini Gummy BurgerMini Gummy PizzaENJOY!!!!..


Chew Bars Selection

Are you a chew bar lover? If so Krazy Kandi has a huge array of Chew bars for you to enjoyHere you will find the following Chew Bars:Refreshers Sour AppleRefreshers LemonRefreshers StingerRefreshers StrawberryDrumstick Rhubarb N CustardDrumstick BubblegumDrumstick OriginalVimto Chew BarTango Shockers AppleTango Shockers CherryTango Shockers OrangeToxic Waste Blue RaspberryToxic Waste CherryWham Chew BarHighland ToffeeENJOY!!!..


Crazy Candy Factory Mini Popping Candy

Popping Candy is a popular retro sweet, pop some on your tongue and hear it pop! This Popping candy comes in two different flavours: ColaCherryGrapeCrazy Candy Factory is a range of novelty sweets that children loveENJOY!!!!!..


Crazy Candy Factory Sherbert Tubs

Crazy Candy Factory Sherbet Tubs are bursting with flavourThey come in the following flavoursAppleBlackcurrantCherry ColaENJOY!!!!..


Pic N Mix (Picked For You)

All the Best of Pic n mix crammed into your chosen bag, Tub or Krazy Hamper Box. Here at Krazy Kandi, we appreciate sometimes with so many Sweets on offer its difficult to choose what you want so let us do the hard work for you with our Picked For Your range.In your order, you will receive no less than 10 different types of Krazy Kandi sweet mix in any order all from the very best of Krazi Kandi’s Pick N Mix. Made to Order, All Our products are picked and packed daily to ensure your sweets stay fresher for longer...


Crazy Candy Factory Peelable Threadz

Children will love playing with and eating these Peelable Threadz. Fruit flavoured thin pencils that can be pulled apart. Bright and colourful this will stand out in your sweet selection...


Fini's Crazy Bubblegum Selection

Customers will love this fun and interactive bubblegum! The Fini range is a sure hit here at Krazy Kandi,  it paints your tongue as you chew!..


Joseph Dobson & Sons Mega Lollies

We love the vibrant colours of these Joseph Dobson Mega Lollies. With so many flavours to choose from, you are simply spoilt for choice.Mega Lollies are hard lollies available in a myriad of flavours - some usual and some a little bit differentKrazy Kandi stock the following flavours to choose from:Candy FlossMarshmallowSherbet PipGreat British MixColaRhubarb & CustardBubblegumBanana SplitBlackcurrantRaspberry RippleStrawberry SplitTutti FruttiWith so much choice there will be Lollipops here you will Love!!!..


Hersheys Bars Multi Flavour

Hershey's Bars combines the sweet taste of classic & flavourful chocolate. The popularity for these bars and other American sweets and chocolates has exploded recently, so why not add this to your list, sit back and enjoy!!!Hershey's Bars come in many flavours for you to choose from and are:Milk ChocolateSprinkles N Creme Birthday CakeStrawberries N CremeCookies N ChocolateCookie N CremeCookies N MintGold Caramelized CremeENJOY!!!..


Fizz Wiz Strawberry Popping Candy

Fizzy sweets are extremely popular these days and Hannah's Fizz Wiz range is a great option. Strawberry Fizz Wiz contains popping candy for an fun experience!..


Choc Nibbles

Are you a Choc Nibbles fan like us here at Krazy Kandi – If so simply choose which size you want from our 600gram Pouch to our 1kg Sharing pouch or even our Mammoth 1.9kg tub then simply put your feet up knowing your delivery is on its way. You can choose from the following awesome flavours:OriginalOrangeMintToffee CrumbleJammieMixedThis is the ideal gift or great for all special occasions..


Brain Licker

Brain Licker is one of the nation's most popular children's sweets, made by Hannah's. Structured rather like a roll-on deodorant, the roller part is licked at will to enjoy the candy treat. Novel indeed and just what many children like to buy with their pocket money these days! Look out for Lickety Lips too...


Bazooka Push Pop Candy

Push Pop candy is a variety of lollipop that comes in assorted fruity flavours in a tube allowing you to enjoy this sweet juicy retro candy while being able to save it for later.Bazooka Push Pop Candy comes in 3 irresistible flavours:StrawberryBlackcurrantColaENJOY!!!!..


Chupa Chups Crazy Dip Strawberry

These tasty candy packs feature a mini foot-shaped lollipop with popping candy powder. Each of these hard candy feet treats includes all five toes and a fabulous strawberry flavor. Simply lick the pop and dip it in the candy powder for an explosion of sensational sweet flavour...


Swizzels Candy Whistles

Perfect for party bags or a fun treat, Swizzels Candy Whistles are very affordable and offer plenty of potential for play. Sweets that combine taste with play are always a hit. ..


Fudge Pic 'N' Mix (Picked By You)

Now Its Time to make your choice from Over lots of different types of Fudge that Krazy Kandi have to offer. To ensure you receive the most of your chosen selection’s we pick each Piece of fudge by the 100 gram. You can pick the same flavour as many times as you like until you have hit your chosen package size. For instance if your chosen preference is a 300gram snacking pouch you can choose 3 items or if your chosen Preference is a 1kg Mega sharing pouch then you can choose 10 selections etc. Now its time to go Krazy and pick your order...


Crazy Candy Factory Sherbert Candy Cans

Kids & Adults will love these novelty Candy Cans, part of our Crazy Candy Factory range. Each can is filled with a fruit flavour sherbet, a delicious treat,Crazy Candy Factory Sherbet Cans come in the following flavoursStrawberryCherryBlue RaspberryENJOY!!!!..


Top Pops Blazberry

Dorval Top Pops Chewy Candy Lollipop - Blazpberry (Red and Blue Raspberry) - Top Pops Chewy Candy Lollipops from Dorval are fruity long-lasting candy..


7up Cherry EU

The rich refreshment 7Up with citrus touch soft drink is a delicious and refreshing 7Up cherry flavoured soft drink.  Perfect for that Cherry Loving Drink Fan..


Mini Airhead Chew Bars

Same Old Airheads just in a multitude of flavours in a Chew bar pick your best flavour....


Mike & Ike Cotton Candy

 Every single box is choc full of soft and chewy goodness, and there's dozens of exciting flavours..


Kool Aid Twists

There's nothing more enjoyable to come home to on a hot summers day (or just about any other day) than a refreshingly cool glass of Kool Aid!..


The Orginal Applehead Candy

Applehead is the original Apple candy with a sweet and sour shell. Lemonheads have been satisfying sweet tooth cravings...


The Orginal Lemonhead Candy

Lemonhead is the original lemon candy with a sweet and sour shell. Lemonheads have been satisfying sweet tooth cravings...


Lemonhead Chewy Box 28g

Lemonhead Chewy Boxes these are 28g and come in a various flavours...


Wonka Bottle Caps Theatre Box

Wonka bottle caps are American candies made by Nestle that come in a range of flavours including cola...


Jolly Rancher Gummies Original Theatre Box

The delicious original fruity flavours of Jolly Ranchers have been made into soft gummy sweets! Flavours include apple, lemon, cherry, watermelon and blue raspberry. This theatre box is the perfect treat for American candy lovers...


Brain Licker Spray

Brain Licker is one of the nation's most popular children's sweets, made by Hannah's. The Brain Licker Spray has that same great flavour but in a fun spray bottle! Novel indeed and just what many children like to buy with their pocket money these days..


Jelly Belly Bean Boozled Jelly Beans

Who said you couldn't play with your food?!The very LATEST and craziest selection of must try flavours from Jelly Belly. Fans will have a great time Bamboozling friends & family with the outrageous flavours in this collection. Will it be booger flavour or juicy pear? Stinky socks or Tutti Frutti? Vomit or Pach? You won't know untill you try one!CautionThese jelly beans may look alike but they could not taste more different from each other. Think you can tell them apart? We Dare You!..


Jelly Belly Donut Shoppe Mix Jelly Beans

The Jelly Belly Donut Shoppe Mix Bag contains doughnut flavoured jelly beans. All the classic doughnut flavours without the sticky fingers! Including glazed, chocolate glazed, apple filled, strawberry iced and blueberry cake. Available in 70g resealable treat bags, they are perfect for doughnut and sweet lovers alike to grab and go!..


Jelly Belly Ice Cream Mix Jelly Beans

The Jelly Belly Ice Cream Mix Bag contains a mix if ice cream flavoured jelly beans. All the creamy dreamy ice cream parlour favourites including, apple pie, birthday cake, chocolate chunk, chocolate mint, strawberry ice cream and birthday cake. Available in 70g resealable treat bags, they are perfect for ice cream and sweet lovers alike to grab and go!..


Caramel Brownie Cow Tales Stick

These Caramel Brownie Cow Tales are truly delicious, chewy caramel brownie with a chocolate cream centre, the taste of a decadent brownie just out of the oven. ..


Pop Rocks Bubblegum

Breaking down the door is Bullish Bubblegum. A packet of tiny crunchy candy rocks that taste great and pop and explode as you chomp away. It creates a fun, fizzle fest in your mouth and can be used simply is cakes and other homemade treats. Pop some in the basket today. Want to know more? Here’s a bit of science behind the tastiness – Pop Rocks are small pieces of hard candy that have been gasified with carbon dioxide under super atmospheric pressure. When these gasified sugar granules come in contact with moisture, in someone’s mouth or in water, milk, soft drinks, etc, the candy dissolves and the gas retained inside the carbon dioxide bubbles is released, causing characteristic crackling and fizzing sounds...


Airheads Extremes Bites

The Airheads Xtremes Bluest Raspberry Bites are bursting with sour fruit flavour. Blue, red and white striped, chewy candy bites, a delicious combination of sweet and sour - perfect for sharing...


Toxic Waste Sour Smog Balls Theatre Box

A delicious crunchy sour candy with an amazing sour chewy center. This wonderful new product has already been a hit with so many sour fans!..


Nik L Nip Wax Bottles

Bite 'Em, Drink 'Em, Chew 'Em". For nearly a century, fruit-flavoured, liquid-filled Nik-L-Nip Mini Drinks have been a party and holiday favourite...


Trolli Extreme Sour Bites

Trolli Extreme Sour Bites deliver a flavour and texture hit to the tongue, with a soft gummy center on the inside and a crunchy sour shell on the outside. Try all four flavours for a cheek-imploding experience:Sour Blue RaspberrySour Green AppleSour WatermelonSour Citrus..


Charms Fluffy Stuff Birthday Cake Cotton Candy

No need to wait for your Birthday for delicious cotton candy, with the Charms Fluffy Stuff Birthday Cake Cotton Candy you can have it all year round! Inspired by the classic Birthday cake , these soft, tearable balls of cotton candy are scrumptious...


Charlston Chew Strawberry Bar

One of Americas favourite chew bars since its launch in 1922, the Charleston Chew Strawberry Bar contains strawberry flavour nougat wrapped in a rich, chocolaty coating! Available in three flavours, vanilla, strawberry and chocolate, these bars are frequently enjoyed frozen as well as folks love to break them into small pieces prior to eating...


Welcome to Krazy Kandi

Krazy Kandi is an Online Pick ‘N’ Mix one-stop shop that offers an extensive range of Pic ‘N’ Mix, American Candy, Soda & Pop and treats for all occasions. Krazy Kandi ensures it caters to all tastes including but not limited to Halal Friendly, Vegan, Gluten Free, Vegetarian and Dairy Free. We are a family run business that want to offer amazing products backed up by our amazing customer service with a creatively unique and vibrant difference.

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